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Servicio de Bibliobuses de León

The Servicio the Bibliobuses de León, which belongs to the Instituto Leonés de Cultura of the Council of León, offers a library service for small towns in the province of León that do not have their own library. It is a public service that provides many and varied free services, typical of a library, such as the loan of books, films, games, … and even other additional services, such as activities to encourage reading, ranging from robotics workshops, storytelling, magic, 3D printing, etc …
The Bibliobus game 1
The Bibliobus game 2

What was our challenge?

Servicio de Bibliobuses de León told us about the need to transmit the idiosyncrasy and amplitude of their service, both to their users and to the society in general. In addition, they showed some interest in creating new educational and informative materials that in some way brought their service closer to society. In all their activities, they always sought to highlight the value and importance of the agents who formed part of it, from the librarians themselves or the drivers of the bookmobiles, as well as and above all, all their collaborators who were essential to the dynamics of their activity, such as the teachers of the small schools in the villages, the users who gave life and meaning to the service, etc.
The Bibliobus game 3
The Bibliobus game 4

What did we do?

In close collaboration with our client, we devised and created “The Bibliobus Game”, a playful, innovative and very effective proposal that transmits the value and particularities of the service and that undoubtedly does so in an attractive, fun and original way, which guarantees its acceptance. Also, creating this game meant that a new material was generated that was integrated within its loan service.

The game is a traditional, popular board game based on the spanish “Juego de la Oca”. It consists of a board that simulates a route of the Bibliobus through the most recognizable places, towns and monuments of the province of León, and where each participant can experience the multiple adventures from the moment the Bibliobus leaves its headquarters every morning, interacting with an endless number of actors, until it reaches the towns of the province where it serves.

The Bibliobus game 5
The first thing we did was to inform ourselves thoroughly about each peculiarity of the Servicio de Bibliobuses de León, the types of users that existed, the difficulties and challenges it faced every day and all its continuous and constant offer since its creation in 1974, being one of the pioneering and most representative services at a national and international level.

Then, we created the game, designing the contents, illustrating each of the squares and the board and creating the instructions, where we explained what was the purpose of each of the squares.

The Bibliobus game 6
Finally, we went on to the production of the game, both as a board game, and in a giant version on a sixteen-square-meter canvas, in which children can play in an interactive and more active way, being the game tokens themselves. For the board version, we included the instructions and tokens printed in 3D, personalized with the image of the bus and in different colors.
The Bibliobus game 7