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Graphic design, Naming

Servicio de Bibliobuses de León

The ‘Servicio de Bibliobuses de León’ is a rural library service for those towns without a library. It is a public service that forms part of the Institute of Culture of the Provincial Council of León, destined to make the services of the Public Library available to all the people of León who do not have one in their localities. It has eight routes that travel with eight bookmobiles all over the province of León.
Servicio de Bibliobuses de León 1
Servicio de Bibliobuses de León 2


The challenge was to face the new exterior design of the vehicles that travel the routes of this service in León. On the client’s side, we were told that this design must convey the fundamental values and services that the bookmobiles bring to each town, and that it must also be a design that modernizes the current one and that is eye-catching so that it’s easily seen when it reaches each town. Last but not least, it must be able to differentiate itself from other vehicles of the same service, since there are times when two of them pass through the same town, but only one of them stops, so it is important to maintain an aesthetic look and to differentiate itself at the same time.

Servicio de Bibliobuses de León 3


Once the project was awarded in a public tender, we set to work. After a rigorous study of what already existed around this type of service in Spain and other countries in the world, we prepared a counterbriefing that would help us focus on the keys of the project. On the one hand, we had the most important information that we had to transmit with the new design, and on the other hand, the fact that the design itself had to have its practical utility, and was not only attractive but also useful and that it was able to contribute value to the service it is linked to.
Servicio de Bibliobuses de León 4

It is absolutely essential that the design has its appeal, but also its functionality.

After long days of brainstorming done by the creative and design team, we obtained one of the most representative works of La Central. We found an integral way to put all these points together: a modern and very visible design, which transmits the services that the bookmobile offers to the villages. Also, by using different ranges of colours for each route, it can be easily differentiated which is the route that visits each village.

Servicio de Bibliobuses de León 5
Servicio de Bibliobuses de León 6

Finally, and also thinking that the bookmobile spends a lot of time on the road between stops, we included a new word “Culturacción” (culture + action) on the back of the bookmobile. It was created in a naming process for this project, seeking to help the service to promote itself and transmit to society in general, not only to its users, the importance of the bookmobiles reaching these small towns.

Servicio de Bibliobuses de León 7