The great Prieto Picudo rosé party


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The DO León is the Regulating Council for the wines produced in the south-east of the province of León and some very close areas of neighbouring provinces. The main native grapes of the DO León wines are the Prieto Picudo grape for rosés and reds and the Albarín grape for white wines. The Do León is a small denomination but with a long wine-making tradition in the area and an extraordinary and award-winning contribution to the gastronomic culture of its province.
Rosado y Picudo INT 1
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What was our challenge?

DO León, which has been one of our most trusted clients for several years now, told us their desire to promote rosé wines made from the Prieto Picudo grape. This variety is native to the area and one of the most characteristic type of grape of the DO León, which is practically unknown in other wine-producing areas of the world. For this reason, DO León aimed to highlight this and bring its unique characteristics to the attention of the general public. They saught to transmit this in an experiential way, including their esteemed collaborators in the hotel and catering industry, who were the perfect promoters of their products

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What did we do?

We focused this project on an event that had to be innovative and fun, fresh, young and attractive. It had to address its main market in León and in one of the most well-known areas of gastronomy and entertainment in Spain, the Barrio Húmedo and that is how Rosado y Picudo was born.

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The first thing we did was to create a brand that would transmit the same keys as the product to be promoted: freshness, taste, ease, youth, colour, … and we supported it with a fun, free and daring visual aesthetic. Then we created a programme of activities for all the public and we turned the Barrio Húmedo into a big rosé party , the Prieto Picudo party, filling it with balloons, decoration, DJs, painters, street theatre, …
Rosado y Picudo INT 8
And to ensure that this experience would live on in the memories of those attending, we gave a series of gifts to all the people who drank a Prieto Picudo rosé wine from the DO León on those days. These gifts: hats, badges, bracelets, … were very well received and allowed all attendees to take home a fantastic memory. Furthermore, and in order to generate a positive impact on the wineries that produce these wines, we gave away visits to these wineries, since for some of them wine tourism is very important within their project.