The extraordinary campaign


Ordino Arcalís – Grandvalira Resorts (Andorra)




Graphic design, Branding


Ordino Arcalís is one of those amazing and unique ski resorts, especially for the most authentic lovers of this sport. One of the most fun, free and wildest resorts, with the best snow in the Pyrenees and where off-piste is one of its most characteristic aspects.

Ordino Arcalís INT 1
Ordino Arcalís INT 2

What was our challenge?

To create the 2020/2021 campaign, maintaining its own concept of an extraordinary season, without forgetting the situation experienced this year. In addition, we needed to surprise and reach its public, faithful but demanding and used to the most outstanding emotions and sensations; we had to be at the level of a season for all audiences, but with a roguish essence, open, young and outgoing; it also had to be a different campaign, not focused on the current situation but on the deepest emotions and sensations that those incredible descents through Ordino, the most non-conformist and fun ski station, bring to you. Because in Ordino, going off-script is the script, if you go there you have to give it your all.

Ordino Arcalís INT 3

What did we do?

What we had to do, an extraordinary campaign.

We began to think of a campaign that would be very impressive, that we could use despite the moment of uncertainty that we are living and that would be very adapted to the preferences of our target audience, those people who most enjoy all the potential and essence of the snow and of the most extreme sport, full of desire to put on their skis again, since they could not finish off the last season.

So we focused on the essence of the resort and its skier’s style. Our starting point was an extraordinary resort, with free minded and daring skiers, with an only goal: to enjoy every descent, every turn, every drop of snow! To finally feel free in nature after after having our freedom limited throughout the year.

Ordino Arcalís INT 4

We wanted to convey a message of optimism and security, of doing again what we like best and doing it in a big way. And that’s how we ended up with our “Extra Ordinary Free Mind”, a claim in which all the words work separately with their own meaning and together with the main message, strategically placed for that reading and interpretation. We maintained the corporate line that Ordino brought from “The Extraordinary Station”, but giving it an exponential touch, transferring the message from the receiver to the sender, here and now the important thing is that you, the one on the skis or the board, feel extraordinarily free, which is what we all need this season.

Ordino Arcalís INT 5
Ordino Arcalís INT 6

We accompanied this claim with a very powerful design, an emotional explosion, transmitting everything the skier feels, especially the freerider, when crossing a pile of snow. That strength, that freedom, that indescribable fun and that adrenaline that is their vital fuel. Finally, and in this same design, we included one of the most distinctive elements of the resort, its circular sculpture, that O of Ordino, the subject of so many photos and memories. Thus, the skier from Ordino appears passing through the arch, the slopes, the emotion of Ordino.

Subsequently, in the face of its international implementation, we carried out all the adaptations and needs of formats, sizes, languages, … for the different media and digital publications, as well as outdoor advertising, ski pass design, corporate materials or press adaptations, among others.

We couldn’t be more pleased with this campaign.

Ordino Arcalís INT 7