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Graphic design, Web development, SEO


Shikamoo is a non-profit association located in Llucmajor, Mallorca. It works to offer Fair Trade as an alternative to consumption, as a form of active citizen participation in the face of inequality, and to build, through this model of consumption, a fairer society. Shikamoo firmly believes that, with daily acts of consumption, we have the power to change the world, creating a better place to live in. INT 1 INT 2

What was our challenge?

We faced a very exciting and demanding challenge graphic design, programming and web development.

Shikamoo contacted us after discovering one of our previous projects, from the NGO Mundo Etico, which they loved and found many of their objectives reflected in it. So we started to work with them on a free online tool for Education for Development based on gaming, and which could be used both in their activities with students and at home, to be able to transmit the values and criteria of Fair Trade to children. INT 3

What did we do?

The first thing we did was to focus the project correctly, together with Shikamoo, to give them exactly what they were looking for and for the project to have its own idiosyncrasy, utility and a very attractive aesthetic that would favour the use and acceptance of the tool. INT 4

We collected all the materials that Shikamoo uses in its activities and, based on them, we created a visual and argumentative line on which to develop the whole platform. The fairest superheroes will motivate and guide us to build a better world through Fair Trade, a more solidary and ethical model and, what’s even better, we will learn it by playing and having fun. INT 5 INT 6

We started with a creative and intense process starting from Shikamoo´s female superheroe which allowed us to establish the storyline, as well as to customize each section of the website.

We then digitalized the games that Shikamoo used in their face-to-face activities and harmonized everything into a very simple, modern and visual website, very much adapted to the target audience, achieving an excellent user experience, which allows for navigability and permanence on the site. INT 7

Finally, and in close collaboration with the client, we prepared the contents, texts and structure of the website, in accordance with the client’s communication objectives, the activity of the tool itself and the SEO criteria that allow a good positioning.

In this way we achieved an excellent result, fulfilling the proposed objectives and, above all, being part of a project of which we are very proud! INT 8