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Guillermo Mollá

Guillermo Mollá is a technical architecture studio based in Barcelona with more than 20 years of experience, specializing in complex real estate valuations, appraisals of unique buildings and comprehensive urban and real estate advice for projects.

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What was our challenge?

Due to his outdated corporate image and his low online presence, Guillermo Mollá came to La Central to make a radical change to his brand identity and update a website that would adapt to current standards, both in terms of adaptability and positioning, thus being able to better reach his target client and offering a modern, consolidated, professional and close brand image.

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What did we do?

After assessing our client’s objectives, the first thing we did was to carry out an internal and external analysis of the situation, to obtain the strategic lines and points of reference on which to tackle the project.

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Imagen corporativa para Casa Berlín en León
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Therefore, we did a study of the sector and its area of influence, in order to know the trends and thus subject his brand to a rebranding process with guarantees. After this update of his brand, we were able to better face any adaptation of all the corporate materials, which in the end is how the company presents itself to its clients and collaborators.

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Finally, we did an exhaustive audit of their website, considering all the most important criteria of their SEO positioning, user experience, aesthetics and functionality. From the result of this web audit, we identified the main lines on which to develop the new website,, with a surprising result in all these criteria. It is very important to surprise in a sector and environment as competitive and mature as the architecture and real estate one in Barcelona.

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