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Focus León

Focus is Leon’s Association of Non-Professional Photographers, a non-profit arts and cultural association that currently has nearly 200 members. Focus was born in 1986 from a collective exhibition of amateur photographers held in Pallarés, which is nowadays the Museum of León, under the name of FOTOCHENTO. The association, which is more active than ever, is dedicated to organizing courses, exhibitions, editing and publishing books, workshops, competitions, etc., all in the field of artistic and documentary photography, non-professional; and without seeking any economic benefit.

Focus 30 1
Focus 30 2

What was our challenge?

To celebrate its 30th anniversary, this association of photographers wanted to publish a collective book that would bring together the work of most of its members and show the quality and diversity of views and expression of the photographic work of each of them.

The biggest challenge was to unify all these points of view under a theme, through a series of three photographs and a self-portrait of each artist.

Focus 30 3

What did we do?

The first thing we did was to meet with those responsible for the project in the association so that they could tell us their objectives, dates and budget, and thus determine the possibilities in terms of format and quality of the publication.

In collaboration with the association, we agreed on the most significant details of its edition and organized the reception of all the individual works of the more than seventy members who participated in this unique collective project, which was done to celebrate the great success of its association and its artistic career.

Imagen corporativa para Casa Berlín en León
Focus 30 4

After a meticulously organizing the received material, unificating and revising all the content, designing the layout of the book, choosing the best printing materials and coordinating with the printer,  “30, the book of León’s photographers” was born.

Focus 30 5