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Festilánea is a solidary and sustainable festival that is organized in Boñar, a village in the mountains of León, during the month of July since 2016. This festival, organized by the NGO Mundo Ético, Gente Inquieta and the Town Hall of Boñar, aims to raise awareness and promote Fair Trade and Responsible Consumption in the most creative, attractive and fun way possible. It is a free festival full of activities for all audiences: exhibitions, gastronomy, concerts, workshops, storytelling, magic, an outdoor market, …

Festilánea 1
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What was our challenge?

This beautiful and solidary project that we faced in an integral way and from the beginning, consisted of passing from an idea to a reality, of shaping all the concepts that the organizers try to transmit and to transfer it to their target public in an effective way.  It was a global challenge that started with creation of the brand, where with a correct name and an attractive image we could transmit the essence of this great charity event and generate interest to our target audience, mainly families and young people from León and its eastern mountain. Subsequently, we created an offline and online communication campaign in order to achieve a great attendance and a successful call. Additionally, we coordinated with the promoters to implement the program and obtain audiovisual resources that would serve to make the festival visible and promote it in future editions.

What did we do?

After studying all that the theme of this festival means and getting to know the main target audience, we set up some anchors to help us develop both the name and the image of the Festival. This should allow us to continue developing and expanding it in future editions.

Festilánea 3

After our naming process we ended up with Festilanea, the solidary and sustainable mountain festival. This name was born from the union of Festival and Misecelánea (“Miscelaneous”), highlighting the idea of celebration and diversity of activities for all audiences. We strengthened and completed the name with a line of characters, representing all the activities and even public that would participate in this great festival. With a very summery, fun and mountain aesthetic, the result was of extraordinary acceptance by organizers and public. Respecting this line and the brand’s personality, we developed an intuitive website where the user experience and the ease of reaching all the information about the event prevailed.

We then created a media campaign focused mainly on social networks, but where we also included conventional media such as radio, print and television. We also created different functional materials that would support the event itself, such as hand programs, posters, signs, T-shirts, …

Imagen corporativa para Casa Berlín en León
Festilánea 4

And finally, we covered the festival with photography and video, which portrayed everything that was happening there, communicating it in real time on the festival’s social networks and then used it as promotion for the next edition.

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