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Doctor Álvarez




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Doctor Álvarez

Dr. Álvarez is a surgeon specialized in plastic and reconstructive surgery with more than 10 years of experience and responsible for the Plastic Surgery Unit of the San Juan de Dios Hospital in León, a private hospital of reference in the province of León.

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Dr. Álvarez in his continuous search for excellence within his profession, with a high aesthetic and functional demand in his work, contacts us with the intention of giving an update to the communication part of his service. Mainly regarding the strengthening of his brand, both his corporate image, as well as his identity and online presence. Dr. Álvarez seeks to convey the best possible idiosyncrasies of the services he provides, always in a close, honest and balanced way.

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What did we do?

Once we knew the essence and objectives of our client, the first thing we started working on was to carry out a global analysis of the sector to which Dr. Alvarez belongs, to see how his competitors and his target audience are, in order to start a coherent strategy with guarantees.

Later, having the principles that we wanted to transmit very clear, we began to work on the new corporate image and, once approved by the client, we went on to make the necessary adaptations for the creation of all the corporate materials.

Imagen corporativa para Casa Berlín en León
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Imagen corporativa para Casa Berlín en León
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We performed a complete audit of his website considering all important aspects to optimize the SEO positioning, web usability, aesthetics and functionality. As a result of this audit we detected all the necessary aspects of improvement. So the next thing we did was to perform a complete restyling of his website respecting his new corporate image and optimizing it completely for its positioning in search engines and improving the user experience.

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In order to carry out the complete restyling of his website and to update his image in social networks and in different medical internet portals, the need to have new and updated photographic content arose. Therefore, we did a photo session in which we included portrait photographs, corporate photographs and photographs in his usual work setting.

With a new corporate image and an optimized and modernized website, we proceeded to the development of a digital marketing plan with the implementation of different promotions on different platforms to reach his potential audience and achieve the objectives set.

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