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Sur Adelante Foundation

The Sur Adelante Foundation or FUSURA, is a non-profit organization that works in the south of the Dominican Republic, one of the most impoverished areas of the country, bordering Haiti and traditionally excluded from the traditional and settled tourist routes, which represent practically the first source of income of the Dominican Republic.

FUSURA’s objective is to promote the social, environmental and economic development of the area.

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What was our challenge?

Within FUSURA’s line of work and in collaboration with other institutions, we were contacted about the need to give a new focus and a different impulse to tourism in the towns that make up the Bahoruco Region: Neiba, Galván, Tamayo, Jaragua and Los Ríos, in the south of the Dominican Republic.

The new strategy is framed and oriented to focus the supply on its natural resources, but with a clear commitment to do so with a long-term view and based on respect for the environment and its conservation. Within this task and in the approach of different actions that they wanted to carry out, such as merchandising, signage, … they asked us to create an identity brand of their territory, solid and contemporary, that identified their most outstanding resources, and that could be adapted to the region as a whole and to all its municipalities independently.

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What did we do?

The first thing we did was an internal study, to capture in depth the essence of the region, all its tourist resources, its localities, fauna, nature, culture, traditions, gastronomy, … And then, we did an external study, to know other similar experiences in other areas of the world, which had already begun by then a turn of their tourist strategy in this direction. This allowed us to place ourselves in a situation of knowledge of the context on which to base our work.

Imagen corporativa para Casa Berlín en León
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From the previous study we obtained the most representative references, to be able to extract and transfer this idiosyncrasy in forms, colors, light, typographies, …

We incorporated as main elements its vegetation and natural resources: hills, the Enriquillo lake, the iguanas, … putting in the center “Las Caritas” and “El Sol” as the more significant symbol of the province. The “caritas” are practically the only remaining vestige of the Taino culture in the country and one of the main reasons to visit the area.


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This way, we designed the image of the province of Bahoruco, and then we adapted the design to the image of all the different municipalities, following the aesthetic guidelines, but personalizing each of them with the different resources of each destination.

Once the images were done, we made all the adaptations to the different formats and needs requested by our client.

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